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Registered with Government of India
       Ministry Of Corporate Affairs

           CIN: U85190JK2022NPL013429
           Section 8 License NO: 135182

Boffins foundation NGO  is purely a Non-profit organisation started by scholars of various fields to help the society in bring about the much needed change in education and learning systems.
The NGO also works for a noble mission of helping poor students who have talent but despite that due to lack of means and exposure are unable to nurture their talent.
The NGO also aims in developing a scientific temperament among students by exposing them to seminars by scientists and professors of various colleges.
The NGO aims to bring about overall advancement in the education and learning sector with the help of donors and scientists.

Volunteers Cleaning


  • Boffins is a Non-Profit organization 

  • The NGO's goal is to help meritorious students obtain proper exposure while also assisting underprivileged students to get the same benefits.

  • The NGO will conduct seminars led by experts in many professions, such as doctors, engineers, civil officers, and research academics.

  • Each school will be given the opportunity to send qualified students on educational trips to NIT, GMC, and other well-known state institutions.

  • After the first assessment (Merit-Based), a done-for-life scholarship will be granted, giving students with three cyclic assessments the opportunity to obtain a full scholarship for their entire graduation in the state, country, or overseas.

  • Scholarships of up to Rs 5 lakh are available for each class (from 1st to 12th), providing students with a fresh incentive to achieve in their respective regions.

Our mission :

  • Advancement in STEAM.

  • Helping Schools.

  • Social Cause.

  • Provide funds.

  • Develop Scientific temperament.

  • Merit-based and Transparent.

  • Develop interests in all subjects.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses through Assessment.

  • Healthy Tehsil, District, and State Competition. 

  • Student Assessments.

  • Scholarships.

  • Seminars led by  Doctors, Civil servants, Businessmen, and Scientists.

  • Catering every sphere.

  • Schools will get to know their students better.

  • Overall school Rank.

  • Scholarships for schools as well.

  • Take schools to next level with our help.

  • Helping students get Exposure and Funds.

  • The Done for Life scholarship provides a platform for the student to get a chance to get a scholarship that covers all his graduation fees (Incudes Medical, Engineering) (Exclusively for 11th and 12th (10th). Test 1 for 11th and test 2  for 12th  and a chance to get graduated abroad.

  • Poor students that get their form attested by a tehsildar can get their assessments free.

Note: Assessments are free. The Rs 25/month charge is for printing, and stationery (Forms, papers, answer sheets, seminar fee).

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"


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